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Watch Your Language…Your Mechanic Is Sensitive

Language is everything. Whether you’re blind, mute, deaf or any other sort of creature on earth, the use of a “language” to communicate is key to some component of your survival. When it comes to spoken language, especially English, we love to use colorful euphemisms to associate words with certain meanings. Certain professions have their own special language that individuals in those fields come to know and use on a daily basis.

Since the invent of Text Messaging, we’ve come to rely on “written” language, and I use that term loosely as Social Media has made the written word sometime reduced to a vowel or consonant to relay an entire word. Then there’s the issue of emoting through a text, and this Wookie usually always has some sort of “foot IN mouth” experience when trying to make points. 

"Where are you going with this Wookie?"

As a mechanic in the cycling industry, I rely on feedback from clients and riders when it comes to how they like their bikes tuned, how things are working post repair, how certain parts of the bike are performing and holding up and various other examples I’m sure you can come up with.

I received this Text message the other day after a client took some new wheels and tires to their first race of the season.  The wheels (built by a 3rd party) and tires (glued by Me) are all new. Now I’m not sure how many of you will read this, but Language Matters. From the mechanic standpoint this text sent me into a frenzy, as you can see by my reply. What ensued next was a flurry of text from myself to rider, rider calling me on the phone to verbally explain that “everything was awesome”, my needing a couple stiff drinks to calm down, rider laughing at my anxiety attack, then a chat about the race. 

Please be considerate of your mechanic’s feelings. Hopefully you have a mechanic that truly cares about your bikes and You as a rider of them, and that keeping your safety in mind is “Rule #1” in his/her book. We obsess over how the bike is doing once the rider has picked it up. Any mechanic who says “they dont sweat it, because they KNOW its dialed” isnt the mechanic you want to be going to in the first place. Any True #ProNOTBro knows that any number of phenomena can come into play from the time the bike exits the stand to when it crosses the finish line, leaving open to possibility that something catastrophic can happen. Afterall…”Its MY bike, you just get to ride it.” is the old adage mechanics and racers joke about to this day. 

Ill let y’all go for the day, and Thank You for coming by to read this little tid bit and please feel free to pass on.

…Wookie Out

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While enjoying some warm sunshine and dry air at #IBP this AM, Zach got some hot laps in around the park. #dadlife #wookiedadsclub #kidsonbikes

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