"Cherries & a Smile" Daddy’s beret skillz are lacking, but they kept her hair out of the mayhem. #themunch #parenthood (at wookievilleV1.0)

The boys made a bird feeder earlier this spring with @t20mooky & it wasn’t getting much action till the past few days. OJ was bummed cause every time we opened the back door the birds would fly away, so I set up the @gopro & did a time lapse over a couple hours. Definitely got some good shots in & can’t wait to show the kids. (at wookievilleV1.0)

Pulled back in the alley just as the sun was peeking around the corner of the school. #wookieride #alleysarecool (at wookievilleV1.0)

#wookieride 07.29.14 played around with the #photoburst feature on the @gopro & got a mix of pics. Good stuff this bike riding stuff.

Finally! Ran into @otherbrothercoffee on the #wookieride. Now I’m enjoying a quick cup of goodness before heading home. #coffeemates #wookieapproved (at The Other Brother Coffeehouse)

#OJ practicing his #AmericaNinjaWarrior skillz. He’s been talking non stop about it after seeing it a couple weeks ago. #parenthood #kidsdreamsrock

#snacktime was enjoyed outside today. #parktime #parenthood

The weather here today is absolutely fabulous. Feels like a super crisp Spring morning in Golden CO, with a breeze that’s just enough to be fun, but not annoyingly rough. Kids wanted to stay out all day. So awesome. …end of rant… These flowers were pretty. #wookierant

#parktime in #daburbs #parenthood (at Shelton Park)

Apparently the boys wanted to help out @t20mooky at the grocery store. I’m not sure if the laughing faces are from simply being able to push the “learning carts”, or they’d been playing “cart derby” when mom wasn’t looking. #parenthood #momsHelpers